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Berlin Mitte by Paula 8 16/12/2009 22/12/2009 View
CPD 15 Mutlangen 06.09.09-20.09.09 1 28/08/2009 - View
Flohmarkt Friedrichshain(By Paula F.) 1 14/12/2009 22/12/2009 View
Kreuzberg"Little Istanbul"By Paula F. 6 15/12/2009 23/12/2009 View
Spass berlin By Marie H. 17 15/07/2009 31/12/2009 View

Latest news

The Youmap Guide is available on line

The Youmap Guide is not only a technical guide to the use of the website, but also contains reports and pictures by the groups and the partners that build the project. It can be downloaded following this link

YouMap and the Global Junior Challenge

YouMap is enrolled in the international Global Junior Challenge!. Visit the website: and you will discover one of our maps in the homepage!

Upcoming events

17/07/2009 - YoungMappers meeting in Turkey

From 17th to 26th July, 40 Youngmappers from Ankara, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Venice will meet in Turkey to take part in the 2nd youth exchange organised by YouMap.


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